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  • Ghyll Head – Day 2

    28th February 2018
    Caving today .... and of course making snowballs. Well done everyone - the whole team wriggled and squirmed through the tiniest tunnels imaginable. Great work by everyone!...More
  • Ghyll Head – Exploring Gummers How

    27th February 2018
    Exploring Gummers How in the afternoon and facing their fears of walking in the dark during the night walk. They stood silent on top of a small mountain and the instructor was showing the children all the different...More
  • Ghyll Head – Rope swings, exploring and tree climbing.

    27th February 2018
    The children have enjoyed exploring the surrounding area, climbing trees and swinging on ropes!...More
  • Ghyll Head – Gummers How

    27th February 2018
    After settling and sorting out our rooms, we set off to climb a mountain called Gummers How. Although we found parts tricky along the way - especially some of the steep climbs and uneven ground - we reached the summit and...More
  • Yr 6 Ghyll Head – We have arrived!

    26th February 2018
    Everyone is well and happy. As the children made their own beds, we heard many comments like: ‘I really appreciate what my mum does for me now.’ Today we are all going to explore on foot the surrounding areas of...More