Policies and procedures

Copies of all information displayed on the website is available from Reception if required.

Exclusions and Appeals Policy

Accessibility Policy

Attendance Policy

Complaints Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Behaviour Policy

Charging and Remission Policy

Single Equality Policy

Admissions and Arrangements Policy

RSE Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Data Privacy

SEND Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Supporting pupils at school with Medical Conditions

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

E-Safety Policy

SMSC Introduction & Policy

Early Career Teacher Policy

Healthy School Policy

Delegation Framework

Collective Worship Policy

Visiting Speaker Policy

Conflicts of Interest and Related Party Transaction Policies

EYFS Stage Policy 2020

Statutory Tests Policy 2020

Managing Allegations Against Staff

Safe and Fair Recruitment Policy

Use of Reasonable Force Policy

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

Educational Visits Policy

First Aid Policy

Lettings Policy

CCTV Policy

Flexible Working Policy

Policy for Transitioning at Work

Looked After Children Policy