Ghyll Head – Day 4
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3rd March 2017

Ghyll Head Update Day 4

Another great day weather wise.  The activities were as usual challenging and great fun. One group scrambled over rocks on the salt marshes. They learnt how to use all parts of their body to move skilfully across the rocks. In the afternoon they climbed up Gummer’s How in the blustery wind.

The second group walked up the mountain Sidepike. Again they learnt how to scramble over rocks and used perseverance to reach the summit. It was worth it – the views were beautiful!

The third group were canoeing and doing the zip wire. Here, like the others, they showed great natural flair moving the paddles through the water smoothly and with grace. When it came to the zip wire, the children showed great courage and determination and really loved it!

Movie night and popcorn finished the evening. Everyone fell into bed exhausted

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