Easter School Day 4
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6th April 2017

Another hard-working and fun day.  Everyone here demonstrates great resilience and also great humour!  In Maths we completed our work on fractions: comparing, simplifying and answering fraction word problems. In Literacy we looked at how to change sentences around to make them more interesting and then completed our dragon descriptions.

Examples of our work:


‘Brutal and ferocious, the Asian dragon terrorises the inhabitants of the forests of Japan, China, Pakistan and N. Nepal.’

‘Surprisingly this snow-white dragon is a minute beast – as tiny as an ant! Its shiny body glistens like wet leather and spikes run down its back.’

‘The fiercest of all dragons – his tail bristles like a porcupine’s spines’.

In the afternoon our Emotional Literacy learning was all about emotions. How we recognise when we are not feeling happy and calm. We linked our emotions to colours to help us understand and identify them better. Then we tie-dyed t-shirts.

Finally, continuing our learning of a healthy life-style, we completed circuits in the gym. This was interesting as we found that we excelled in areas that we did not expect and certainly lacked stamina in areas we had not known. It was another excellent day!

Declan Ella Esa Jamie Luel Mahdiya Paige Tamzin Vinetha Tie-dye 1 Tie-dye 2 Tie-dye 3