What are we learning about E-Safety this term at Rushbrook Primary Academy?
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23rd September 2016

EYFS Key Stage 1

In Early Years Foundation Stage and Key stage 1 we have been learning to ‘Think before you click’ and that everything on the internet can’t always be trusted. We have been reading several books to help us to tackle this topic including; ‘Clicking Chicken’ by Jeanne Willis and ‘Penguinpig’ by Stuart Spendlow.

penguinClickin chicken

Key Stage 2

In Key stage two we are learning how to create a strong password and why this is important to keep our personal information safe. One way we have learnt to create a secure password is to to take the first letter of each word from a line in our favourite song followed by the number of letters in each word. For example: ‘Incy Wincey spider climbed up the water spout’ becomes – ‘i4w6s6c7u2t3w4s5’ this method can create a very memorable but secure password.

You can find out more about keeping our children safe online by visiting the following websites: