Subject Statement Art & Design

Rushbrook Primary Academy Art and Design Curriculum Statement

At Rushbrook we follow the National Curriculum guidance in Key Stages 1 and 2, and Expressive Art and Design in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We believe that challenge, creativity and inspiration are fundamental to the development of every child.

As well as teaching art through our topics, we also hold whole school art weeks throughout the year, with every class studying artists or techniques such as perspective or printing. Artwork is produced in sketch books which children keep as they go through school. Children also have the opportunity within unit to focus on specific artists, architects or sculptors.

Each unit of learning will be planned based on key Art and Design skills that we aim to develop throughout the child’s Art and Design learning journey. To ensure a broad range of art materials are used and experienced, each key stage will plan their units of work using the following media over a 2 two year cycle.

· Printing and or collage

· Painting

· Drawing

· Sculpting

This allows each area of art to integrate with other areas of the curriculum where possible. Each year group has expected outcomes and skills linked to each area of art and the four main aims of the national curriculum. This is to ensure progression across the key stages and should be used when planning and assessing each area of the art curriculum.

We endeavour to display the children’s art to a high standard, respecting their talents and generating excitement, with high quality pieces viewed around prominent areas within school.