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Manchester City Council School Admissions manages the admissions to Rushbrook Primary Academy (except in Nursery).

Manchester determine which children are offered a place at Rushbrook based upon their Admissions Criteria.

At Rushbrook we have a Published Admissions Number of 90 pupils per year group.

Manchester publish their Admissions details on their website. Click here.

Manchester Admissions team is accessible by calling 0161 245 7166

For further information please read our Admissions Policy on the Policy and Procedures page.

The school NURSERY does not fall into this category – and so we manage admissions to our Nursery.

For further information please read our Nursery Admissions Policy on the Policy and Procedures page.


Reception Admission September 2018

Applications for Reception places for September 2018, application forms will be sent to you in the post from Manchester School Admissions in September 2017 or apply on line here

The closing date for Primary Admissions is 5pm on Monday 15th January 2018. You will receive your offer letters in April 2018.

If you have not registered your child, you need to contact School Admissions on 0161 245 7166.


Secondary School Admissions September 2018

Manchester School Admissions manage the Admissions process for entrance to secondary school on-line. There are also paper copies of the admissions forms sent to Year 5 pupils at the end of the summer term of Year 5. These are sent directly to the home address, not to school. Please contact the Admissions Team on 0161 245 7166 if you need help completing the forms on-line or paper.

Applications for Secondary school places for September 2018, from Manchester School Admissions or apply on line here

For more information or advice speak to Karen Welsby, Admissions Officer.


Application Forms

Rushbrook Academy application form

School Admission Form Rushbrook KW web updated 5 June 2018

Admissions and Arrangements Policy 2018/2019

2018-19 Rushbrook Admissions and Arrangements Policy (1)

Copies of all information displayed on the website is available from Reception if required.