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Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

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Remembrance Day

On Friday 11th November, children across Rushbrook Primary Academy participated in a history day to celebrate and remember all those who had lost their lives in a war. At 11 am all children showed their respect by conducting a two minutes silence.  Throughout the day all classes undertook lots of exciting activities, Year 1 made beautiful poppy hats, Year 2 experienced a real life trench, Y4 learnt about evacuated children’s experience of the war by making evacuee tags and they watched some cartoons that children would have watched at the cinema in WW2 and year 5 performed some very sincere war poetry. All children made their own poppies in the afternoon, which class teachers turned into a class wreath. The wreaths will on display in school this week! Everyone had lots of fun learning about the history of Remembrance Day.



Anti -Bullying Week

For anti-bullying week (the week commencing 14th November) the children across Rushbrook Primary Academy were involved in various lessons, circle times, discussions and interactive activities. For examle, Year 2 had an EL lesson and made posters. Year 4 used “Wicked” as a stimulus for their EL and literacy lessons.


Year 1 Lowry thought about how words can hurt us and leave us feeling sad.  They discussed how they can take the hurt out of mean words. They thought of positive words that they can say to themselves to replace the mean words people say. They decided that using mean words is bullying and they must say no to all types of bullying.


For Anti Bullying week, 1 Pankhurst have enjoyed lots of class discussions and circle times about being a good friend, and how bullying makes people feel. They then made an Anti-Bullying Acrostic poem.


Special assemblies were also held both in classes and in all phases across school.

Children in Need

It’s Children in Need Time!

Last Friday we had a non-uniform day to raise money for the BBC Children in Need Appeal. The kids and the staff were really creative and looked amazing in their spotted outfits! Year 1 made Pudsey Bear Masks which were offered for sale in the afternoon together with the fantastic cakes baked and donated by children and parents. After the sale the school raised a magnificent sum of £700.79!

pud 1pud 2

pud 4pud 3


British Values SMSC