Ghyll Head Update – Day 3
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2nd March 2017

Today the weather was not as sunny, however the enthusiasm and optimism of the group was as wonderful as always. Two groups went caving today. They wriggled, ducked and crawled their way through the caves. They surprised themselves when they all slithered through the wormhole, one of the smallest holes in the caves up here. The children at the front led excellently, shouting down bits of advice, for example where to put their feet and hands and how to move. Everyone returned wet, happy and full of stories to tell.

The third group went canoeing, flew the zipwire and rope walked. Everyone worked as a team tying knots to make canoe rafts. Then paddled across Lake Windermere against quite a strong wind to get to the other side. Flying the zipwire proved challenging to some as they had to overcome their fear of heights, and they did so brilliantly. After the earlier two activities the rope walking was an easy and fun finish to another fun-packed day. Ghyll Head day 3 3 Ghyll Head day 3Ghyll head day 3 2Ghyll Head day 3