Easter School Day 1
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3rd April 2017

We had a brilliant first day at Easter Club. The sun shone all day. Everyone turned up on time and lessons started promptly at 9.30 am after a hearty breakfast. We began with long division and applying this knowledge in word problems. In English we read an extract from ‘Witchwild’ applying P.E.E. (Point, Evidence and Explanation) to answer our questions. In our grammar we looked at words that are both nouns and verbs. For example: ‘I climbed the enormous, stone tower.’ and  ‘The ogre towered over the little girl.’ In the afternoon we played rounders in the sunshine. In our craft lesson, we planted seeds and decorated pots, making E.L. links between the growth and development of seeds and our minds. Both need plenty of care to develop and grow strong.

Look below to see some of the fun that was had.

Melissa and Jamie planting Melissa and Patrick planting Pots decorated Pots finished Tyler Khushboo Thomas painting Patrick M Rounders Rounders Mohammed