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Archive for the ‘Easter Club 2017’ Category

  • Easter School Day 3

    5th April 2017
    'Known to be cunning and fierce, people flee when they catch a glimpse of the green dragon.' 'Greedy and obsessed with food, white dragons are a formidable enemy.' 'His wings are bony and pointed. They feel like...More
  • Easter School Day 2

    4th April 2017
    Today we had another great day at Easter Club. In the morning we solved word problems using all four operations and again applied the P.E.E. method to solving questions for comprehensions. We also wrote our own relative...More
  • Easter School Day 1

    3rd April 2017
    We had a brilliant first day at Easter Club. The sun shone all day. Everyone turned up on time and lessons started promptly at 9.30 am after a hearty breakfast. We began with long division and applying this knowledge in word...More