A great start in our new school
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22nd May 2016 | Mr Mellen

It has been wonderful to see pupils settling in to our new home at Rushbrook Primary Academy. Year Six have finally made their way across from the old Gorton Mount site after their SATs exams so everyone is here now! We still have some snagging issues and things that we are getting used to and builders will be in over half term to correct a number of things and finish off one or two others. It is great to be sharing a site with Cedar Mount and Melland and to have access to extra facilities like the astroturf pitch and science labs. The new uniforms looks great on all pupils and it is important that everyone wears the correct clothes every day. This helps to support good behaviour and to ensure that all pupils feel like they belong to the Rushbrook community. Spare jumpers, trousers and polo shirts are available from the school office at heavily subsidised prices so there is no excuse for pupils not to be dressed their best. We will be providing more opportunities for parents to spend time in school as the term goes on and we look forward to seeing you then.


Mr Mellen