1 Turing visit Delamere Forest
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21st May 2018

Recently 1 Turing visited Delamere Forest.

Children made full use of their senses in exploring the forest. We took part in a variety of exciting sensory activities discovering the forest in a new and inspirational way. We used magic mirrors, played blindfold games and used our sense of smell to identify and smell leaves, we sat quietly to listen to the sounds in the forest!

We also worked in teams to build survival shelters from natural materials in the forest. We used logs and sticks to build the structure and we used leaf litter to cover and make the dens waterproof! Our dens looked amazing!Delamere 12 Delamere 1 Delamere 2 Delamere 3 Delamere 4 Delamere 5 Delamere 6 Delamere 7 Delamere 8 Delamere 9 Delamere 10 Delamere 11